thankful list

this week's been a little hard. my bones feel achy as a slow, yet persistent, sickness creeps in. i have a long list of to do's & strict deadlines to complete before the end of the week & my body is telling me to simply rest.

 in the mix of life, work, & relationships, it can be difficult to see past the challenging moments. here's just a small list of things i am thankful for this week because sometimes, reminding ourselves of the goodness is exactly what we need:

- dinner lastnight with luke. roasted squash from the farm, sauteed local mushrooms & brussels sprouts with local brown rice.

- three eggs a day. the girls are finally laying regularly & seeing those cherished eggs in their nest makes the day much brighter.

- coffee dates & knitting group. there's nothing quite like a friend who just gets you. thankful for my community.

- a good book. still reading & loving every minute of it.

- the light in our home. it's magical. i wish i could invite you over for tea to enjoy it with me.

- citrus. i love grapefruits & their happy pink color. they are equally delicious, too.

join along, too, in a thankful list if that's what you need today.



Khrista said...

So sorry to hear you are feeling poorly my dear. Rest up and drink lots of tea with honey! Your thankful list inspired me to write a few down this morning!

Denise said...

feel better...
and lovely little list.

Lori McFarlane said...

Lovely little list. :) Your blog always makes me smile.

abby said...

get well natalie. I haven't been well this week, and I think I am finally on the up side. Hope you are able to find a little extra time to rest. xo

Luke Freeman said...

I'm thankful for left-over chili, Kim Chi, my composting worms, a great boss, and a super-talented wife! I can't wait to see you tomorrow!

jen said...

I, too, am thankful for the light that floods our kitchen table mid morning to mid afternoon and to be able to sit around it with my daughters and draw and write and read and just be (we homeschool). Also thankful to the little bit of horizon that I can see and the glowing layers of color. The evening dim - when the small lamps and candles are lit and the cozy evening begins.

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