a peek at our bedroom

friends, our bedroom is a work-in-progress. i struggle with bedroom decor. our bedroom always looks a little half-empty because we honestly don't do much living in here aside from sleeping & getting dressed. i wasn't too crazy about that half-empty look because it's the first thing we see when we wake up. so, i started collecting meaningful art & searching for fun projects. 

disclaimer: this is the only wall i am showing you today, hence the title "peek at our bedroom." if you look at our dresser & turn to the left, you will see a bed on the floor with handmade quilts from my grandmother (that i dearly love) & an assortment of pillows from several different attempts at pretty bedding. also not shown are bare windows that need curtains & a chest that needs a serious paint job.

& this is what came out of my months of collecting & searching. i found this beautiful, worn & dirty, vintage dresser at a garage sale for $75. i painted the drawers yellow & the outside white. with a can of gold spray paint, the knobs got a little upgrade, too.

i was thrilled when i came across ashley's helpful tutorial for a chicken-wire wall. with luke's help, it took about two hours to spray paint the wire & staple it on. i absolutely love the results. i hang various items with clothespins, including bits of happy art & my collection of necklaces.

i also use this mannequin as a way to display some of my favorite necklaces. my dear friend gave me this mannequin & i absolutely love it. the honey wood cutout necklace is made by my friend, kara. psst...check out her etsy shop with her talented friend, rachel.

with a mix of family photos, wedding photos, happy bits of art, a few memorable souvenirs from past vacations & cheery bunting, i do believe my work is finished... in this corner of the room.

i think it's time to begin dreaming up that quilt for our bed. 


summerlily said...

What a pretty corner of your bedroom! I love the chicken wire idea, that's very cool!

rachel h said...

so lovely! wonderful job, natalie.

Kaitlyn said...

looks beautiful, friend!!!

larisaa said...

A chicken wire wall?! Well if that isn't the most brilliant thing I've ever heard.

I have trouble decorating my bedroom, too. I want to put pretty art in there but then no one will see it but me. Which is fine except for what if it's really good art i want to share with all my guests? Right now it's been the catch all for all the art and decor that doesn't have a home somewhere else. Which HAS GOT TO change. Maybe chicken wire is a good start. =]

Roller Mill Farms said...

Natalie, i wish we could meet in person! I found you via instagram and have so been enjoying your posts and photos. I can relate on so many levels.. You did such a great job with that dresser! Such a relief to hear your bedroom conundrums cause i have had the same problems and its something i declared i would NEVER do when i'm married! I don't even want to get started on the closet that we share! It's def getting better but it's a work in progress. The thing that motivates me though is that i know the reasons everything is not "perfect" (bed on the floor in the spare room) is that we are waiting to find things that keep the budget in balance, buying used when it comes along rather then buying all new. I appreciate that about you as well, you encourage me in being frugal and creative with what i have. Thank you for that, and the beauty that you share! also i am totally with you on the last post, some days are just like that.

Delphine said...

usually to "control" my mood, i need to isolate for a little while. and i do a little bit of "feeling my feelings", otherwise it becomes like a pressure cooker if i try to push them away. so basically i let myself cry or write down what i'm angry about, or even record a small video on photobooth to complain about everything that's bothering me, allowing myself to be as unreasonable as i can be :) then i watch the video and it helps me step out of myself and it helps A LOT, it's a bit of a magic thing to see yourself "on a screen" being a grumpy person... :) hope this helps!

danika said...

Natalie, this is absolutely stunning! I'm going to steal the chicken-wire-wall idea for my own bedroom, I think. You did such a lovely job, and are so inspiring!

Liesl said...

Love the chicken wire wall and how it all ties in with the yellow. Such a sweet look.

Linn said...

It looks great! I really like the wall, and how you've decorated with necklaces.

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