happy valentine's day!

happy valentine's day to you, my sweet readers! wishing you love, laughter & heart-shaped tights! 



Anonymous said...


Sara said...

Natalie! This is adorable! Do tell how you made the hearts. I need to patch one of Lucy's knees and this would be so cute. Happy LOVE day girl. xo

crystal said...

haPPiest Valentine.s day :)

Luke Freeman said...

Happy Valentine's Day, my love! You are the cutest!

natalie said...

sara, i used freezer paper stencils like this: http://www.sheknows.com/how-to/articles/967027/diy-freezer-paper-stencils
simple fabric paint on any cotton fabric :) it doesn't "patch" a hole by any means, but it adds such a cute detail.

Heather said...

saw you on instagram with these-- SO cute!

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