wine, chocolate & crafts

when you're husband's out of town (for the last night of his old job ever !!!) & it's valentine's day, the only real solution is to invite your girlfriends over for a little par-tay.

we ate food, talked about food, drank wine, savored homemade truffles & painted little pots for succulents. much better than store-bought flowers, in my opinion.

& yes, i ate chocolate. i don't want to talk about it.

wishing you a wonderful weekend full of love & all the good stuff!



Denise said...

what a fine evening you had!!

Natalie, a while back you mentioned that you were having like a simplicity "life group" (what we call them) in your home. I am wanting to do something similar here - did you use any books or study guides that you would recommend?

natalie said...

denise- we used "practicing the way of jesus" by mark scandrette. here's a link to learn more: ... for this season, we are going through each chapter & doing "experiments" that relate to each topic described in the book. the one we hosted was on "simplicity." i would really check it out :)

Erin Van Genderen said...

And I ate a cookie! AAahhhrg broken Lenten fast grumble grumble grumble...all we can do is to start again today :)

abby said...

Fun! what a sweet group of gals. Happy Valentine's Day Natalie! Eating some chocolate's not so awful. Cacoa is a superfood! :)

crystal said...

:) chocolate on Valentine's day doesn't count ~ I'm pretty sure that's a fact :)

Linn said...

Of course you had chocolate - why shouldn't you? I mean, on Valentine's day and all :-) Looks like a great evening with your friends!

Heather said...

What a fun evening! Looks like a great time :)

Denise said...

thank you for your reply - I appreciate and will take a look to learn more :)

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