you've got mail valentine diy

here's a simple diy project for loved ones just in time for valentine's day!

when luke & i were dating, we exchanged post-it notes of love tucked inside favorite books for the other to borrow. one summer when we were long distance, we exchanged pages & pages of love letters on embellished papers with handmade envelopes. my letters were always elaborately decorated while his were quite simple with the perfect words. he loved my handmade style & i loved his writing.

just a bit shy of four years into our marriage, we continue to write cards to one another for special holidays & even just ordinary days. we enjoy showing our love in that way & we do it often. well, when i happened to find this adorable little mailbox tin in the dollar section of target, i had the perfect idea for a diy that i would like to share! 

you've got mail diy project! 

1. gather your supplies. 
this project cost me only $1 because i had all of the supplies on hand except the little mailbox from target. dig in your supply closet & use things you already have!

2. decorate your mailbox!
i used washi tape & a kraft heart for my mailbox flag & a white card along with fun tape & a doily tied with red gingham ribbon.

3. fill your mailbox with little notes.
i had some kraft paper so i cut it into little strips. i keep it close by on my desk so once i remember something i love about luke, i quickly write it down & tuck it away in his mailbox

4. gift it!
luke & i will not be sharing valentine's day together as he will sadly be out-of-town so i plan to tuck this in his car the morning before he leaves as a surprise. other ideas might be to place it on their nightstand on valentine's day morning or in their work bag for them to find that day.

do you have any other ideas for valentine's day projects? i would love to hear!



Jess said...

brilliant!!! I love this little mailbox and I know Luke will love it too. you are so sweet and creative, dear friend.

Erin Van Genderen said...

So sweet! And I know you won't miss each other too terribly on the actual day of love because you cherish every day together. Much love to you!

Linn said...

It's so cute, and the idea is great. For Valentine's Day, nothing is better than a personal gift such as this.

crystal said...

posted a pic of mine ~knitted hearts on the cards this year :)
haPPy day :)

Emily said...

I love this, Natalie! My mom always used to write us a Christmas love letter delivered in our own little mailbox. Very special. :)

Anonymous said...

This is so adorable!

Sherrie said...

SO cute! I'm seriously envious of Hobby Lobby and Target - two stores we don't have here. Those Kraft stickers are particularly awesome! :) Sending your some Valentine's love from our house!

Lori McFarlane said...

I love this little mail box. I wish I could find something similar! But you've given me an idea anyway. :)

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