a little gnomey hat

i have wanted to make one of these little gnomey hats since i first saw ella's kiddos wearing them a couple of years ago. when i heard the news that i would be an aunt (yay!), i knew exactly what to knit up this new bundle of sweetness. 

this little project was off the needles just as quickly as it was on making for a very satisfying knit. i found the pattern here & i love the results. i made a few adjustments & decided to knit the hat in the round. i used leftover yarn in a wool blend for easy washing. i also made it a bit bigger so he can grow into it as my little nephew oliver will be due in early april just as it is warming up here. 

with all of the excitment of a new babe, i have started peeking at the baby section at the local thrift. i picked up this little outfit for just under a dollar & added a little handmade touch of simple embroidered hearts. 

i cannot wait to meet little ollie!

oh & one more thing- the quilt is FINISHED! here's just a peek!

happy monday!


p.s. if you are not a knitter, you can pick up a gnomey hat of your own from ella's darling etsy shop!


Denise said...

very nice - and I can't wait to see the rest of your quilt!

Kelton said...

i love the gnomey hat! and i can't wait to see all of the beautiful quilt. so fun.

Jen said...

Cute hat! I have a new nephew on the way as well. This would be so cute! Would you mind sharing your adjustments? I'm a new knitter (only done washcloths, a scarf, and a handful of dropstitch cowls) and would love to give this a go. Already ordered it from the library. We have an Ollie in our life, too, except she's really an Olive. Awesome job on that quilt also!

natalie said...

Jen, I used a bit thicker yarn. The adjustments should be included on the pattern. I hope that helps!

I'm Sara. said...

Hi there! I bought two of your picture cards from Shindig Paperie and found your blog address via Etsy. I have the picture cards displayed on my piano... I'm a local gal and am love your blog! It's very inspiring. :) I blog too, at http://therosylife.blogspot.com

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