my most favorite is film.

this morning i want to share with you some film photos from our january family retreat. there's nothing quite like film. it's my favorite medium for so many reasons. there's magic in creating that one perfect shot. there's excitement in waiting for the film to develop.

this friday morning i want to rest in these photos & savor their quiet.

this week has been a bit hectic. we haven't managed to prepare much more than smoothies & popcorn for dinner. the dirty laundry has yet to be put in the wash & i'm sure there's an inch or more of dirt on our floors. still, i am thankful for this week. 

& ready for the weekend. 

wishing you a weekend of rest & ease with the ones you hold dearest!

p.s. if you are interested, i am thinking of adding a few of these photos to my etsy shop in 5x7 or 8x10 prints. let me know your thoughts!


Daniela B. said...

Nice shots :-)

Katie Falkenberg said...

Such beautiful and peaceful images. I think they would make lovely prints for your shop. And I love your description of why you like shooting film -- makes me want to start doing more of that! Thanks for sharing these. :)

tara said...

I agree! I think these would be wonderful additions to your shop. I especially like the picture of the edge of the lake. Beautiful!

Katarina said...

So so beautiful!

Erin Kloosterman said...

The chair and the lake picture is beautiful! It would make a lovely print!

Loraditch said...

Definitely put the chair picture in your shop! I want to give it to my Dad. It just struck me as soon as I saw it.

Jacqui said...

Love love love film. I have a handful of rolls I still need to get developed from the summer!

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