there's always a new project: our happy entryway!

my style is always evolving & i like that. there's always something to find inspiration in & a good project speaks to my crafty soul. for now, i am inspired by bright spaces (i don't think that will ever change!) with punches of color. i decided in late february to change up our entryway just a bit & made it one of my march goals. check! complete! & i love it.

i had big plans for this small space but a relatively small budget. we budget $50 a month for home & crafty projects. considering all of my sewing/knitting/painting/random home projects, i have to get really creative in making our dollar stretch. for this project, i spent $45. woo hoo!

i used leftover paint to paint the crate white & purchased inexpensive frames from target. i used small  frames (4x6 & 5x7) to keep the cost down. there was a special 50% off all prints discount at mpix so i printed our photos there. i purchased the new mirror from a thrift shop months ago & used random home decor to fill in the blank spots.

i wanted our entryway to be filled with memories that left that warm fuzzy feeling. i made a little label for our brazil vacation jar of shells & added some of our favorite family photographs.

it was incredibly hard choosing just 5 photos to add to our wall. the wall space is small so these photos needed to be really special. in the end, i went with photos from different seasons of our married life- a family photo, a snapshot from a favorite vacation to chicago, a photo of our first home, a fun moment from our honeymoon & a quiet moment at home. i wanted to balance the still life photos with photos of us while keeping the same warm mood.

i kept the party lanterns up for a fun, whimsical feel. i'm sure i'll take them down eventually, but for now twinkle lights & lanterns make me smile.

of course, this project isn't complete. i have a big white 8x10 frame just waiting for this favorite print, but it simply did not fit into our budget. for now, a sweet little reminder on a clipboard is in its place. 

happy monday! 

"if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely" - roald dahl


Courtneyvk said...

Love your new entryway and every detail! What is ironic is just as I read the print that says "All of my life in every season..." I was listening to the same exact song!

Life is funny sometimes:)


fawn & fern said...

it looks lovely! you did a great job for your budget...i'm impressed! i made a poster of that Roald Dahl quote to hang on the door of my classroom...the kids love it. And i'll admit, i made it just as much to inspire myself as i did to inspire them, ha!

Summer said...

I just stumbled across your beautiful blog space! I was a fan of Tend (but you're not doing it anymore?)... I'm so glad I found your blog. It's such a lovely space filled with inspiration and joy! You have a new reader! Take care!

natalie said...

summer- we are continuing to do tend, but we usually stop during the winter months. thanks for visiting! so happy to have you here :)

Anonymous said...

Loving this pretty entryway!

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