living at home

i love a good day at home. a day for resting, a day for family, a day for just being

we spend a lot of time giving our living space that homey feel, decorating it just the way we like & making it feel like "us," but so often we don't spend enough time enjoying it. we check little things off our home improvement list, but we don't allow ourselves the time to spread out & really live in our space. we keep going & going without taking time to slow down & invest a bit of time in a hobby or sip hot tea on the front porch. 

so on sunday, after a busy saturday out & about, we stayed at home. we made waffles & enjoyed conversation at the table. we let our chicks run free in the backyard as we watched & laughed at their awkward ways. we got our hands dirty, planting peas & potting herbs. i sipped on tea & relaxed with a book. i dusted off my sewing machine once more & slowly began a new project. luke added to our garden beds & soaked beans for planting.

this spring, we hope to do more living within our home. we hope to eat more meals outdoors, tend to our gardens, read books in our sun room & give thanks for having a home to truly enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Your home is so inspiring, yet simple. I love it.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog
My favorite part, is the way your write. I love reading everything you write. I love your pictures. I think you should write a book!!!

Anonymous said...

oops, made a mistake, should say
My Favorite part, is the way YOU write, not your
sorry :)

Hollie said...

I love this. I feel like these days we are all so rushed, we neglect how amazing it feels to be home and make our home our true sanctuary. Your home looks like such a warm, comforting place.

Heather said...

what a cozy home you have!~

abby said...

oh gosh, I know just what you mean. I've been intending more space for really "living at home" for a while (at least over a year!) and I feel like that intent is coming through. Work and home life and everything in between is coming into a balance I am really loving. I am so happy at home - really BEING at home. You have brought this up before, I remember, and I always appreciate the reminder and the moment to think about it again. We really have this one in common I think :) Beautiful photos, Natalie, all of them.

Stacy said...

Hey Natalie! How did you guys get the hole cut out of the stump? I tried to do this last year and make a video tutorial, but it was such a bear to cut out the hole that I had to abort mission. I'm still determined to make it happen though! Tips?

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