winter roasted kale salad: a recipe

it seems like every week there is a new baby among our dear friends. i love this spring season of new life - so much sweetness & new baby cuddles. we have a tradition of bringing our sweet mamas & papas a meal in their first few weeks of parenthood. we find so much joy in loving our friends in this way & it's the perfect excuse to hold that new baby!

i want to share with you a meal that i made for our friends this week. it might just be the inspiration you need for getting a yummy dinner on the table this evening or on your meal plan next week!

my good food pinterest board serves as my place for inspiration when the cookbooks just aren't doing it. i found this winter roasted kale recipe a few months ago, and i am hooked. it is absolutely delicious & perfect in any season that kale is abundantly growing. i substituted the tempeh for heirloom purple sweet potatoes from the farm last fall. i'm not a big soy fan, but i wanted a bit more substance to the salad so the sweet potatoes were a perfect substitute.

i also made salmon cakes, a go-to favorite around our home. 

simply beat one egg in a bowl. add chopped parsley and chopped green onions. you can add bread crumbs if you would like, but i prefer my cakes gluten-free. add a can of sustainably-harvested salmon (pick out the bones first in a separate bowl). mix well. heat up a bit of olive oil in a skillet on medium high heat. scoop a handful of the salmon mixture from the bowl & lightly squeeze to remove any extra liquid. form into a patty shape & add to hot skillet. cook for 4 minutes & flip to other side, cooking for another 4 minutes. serve warm alongside the kale salad.

for dessert, we served up some strawberries from the farm. i cannot believe my luck in that my husband now works with organic fruit!

package up your meal sweetly & add a bouquet. your friends will be thankful, i promise.



Erin Van Genderen said...

So sweet!

Khrista said...

This is one of my absolute favorite ways to bless and new mama and her family! I sign up for almost all meal "trains!" :) I'm trying your salmon cake method next! So simple!

Lisa said...

Thank you SO much for that kale salad recipe! I mentioned on IG recently - I have been suffering from a serious loss of cooking mojo since our move. I think it's mainly that the house still isn't all the way unpacked and that we're still finding our way here. Funny - those things are affecting my cooking, and yet cooking would make those things feel easier.

Janet said...

Natalie, It is so sweet of ya'll to bring yummy homemade food to your new parents of sweet babies.. :) I know that they must appreciate it so much. :) The recipes all look so good. We are fans of salmon patties at our house, as well. We had salmon patties tonight with potato salad... It was so good. They are a staple for us, too. Joe just loves them.. :)

Gaby said...

i'm about to have a baby and i know i'd be thrilled to receive such a thoughtful gift, especially the bouquet!

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