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"we're going to have to let truth scream louder to our souls than the lies that have infected us.” 

this morning i am boarding a plane to meet a bunch of women i have never met before. through online conversations, photos shared of everyday life & packages mailed across state lines, we have all created such deep friendships. sara emailed us out of the blue one day in february & suggested we all meet at her home for a weekend of art making, yoga, thrifting, coffee & good conversation. of course i said yes!

 my online life is only a small piece of our everyday happenings (both beautiful & really ugly). it's terrifying to imagine revealing the not so blog-worthy quirks of my personality & identity to these precious women i dearly admire. of course, just like close dear friends, they're all imperfect & incredibly loving & tell you how amazing you are just when you need those kind words. so, this weekend we are going to let truth scream louder in our souls than any insecurity ever could.

ladies, i will see you soon (!!!!)!


Danielle said...

I'm excited you're meeting Sara. I've been following her adventures for YEARS, back when they were renting a little apartment with just one child. Have fun.

Susie said...

Have a wonderful time Natalie! I completely understand the bravery involved and I'm sure the little risk will provide great rewards x

Kelton said...

i've been following your instagram and i'm so excited to hear all about your adventures!

Melissa said...

How awesome! Have a good time!

Sara said...

...and what a weekend it was!! I am DYING to see you photos of our time together. So fun to not be the only one snapping away :-) Hope your week has been good so far. xo

Roller Mill Farms said...

Hey Natalie! Is the quote from the book you have pictured? It puts into words so well some thoughts that i've had lately!

Kaylan said...

Have you read The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball? Think you'd like it ;)

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