making busy better


may is busy, busy. i can already feel it. although it's all so exciting, the days are really filling up & leaving me a bit more irritated & sleepy. instead of simply hoping for the best, i am making little changes that will make a difference in the bustling month ahead. i thought i would share some of my ideas with you...

1. get outside! even if it's for a few minutes or an hour, i am soaking up this perfect weather & beautiful spring green by spending time outdoors. i am choosing to work outside on the front porch this month & taking little evening walks.

2. drink water & lots of it. i am participating in a food challenge for the next six weeks & we are required to drink three liters of water. water makes me feel better & it's one of the easiest things we can do to take care of our bodies. fill up that water bottle & bring it with you wherever you may go.

3. make time for a happy activity. my happy activity is collecting the eggs from the chicken coop. your happy activity may be knitting or reading for ten minutes before bed. whatever it may be, make time for you & soak up those few moments of happy.

4. create a morning ritual. this month, i am choosing to drink my coffee slowly. without email in front of my face. i am choosing to pray, meditate, greet my husband & savor my five minute morning ritual with coffee in hand. 

5. protect your time. during this month of busy, i am allowing myself to say no. my weekends are sacred this month & i plan to rest in them. saying no allows for more time to say yes! yes to naps! yes to resting! yes to you!

6. don't worry. most of all & above all else, don't worry. i am repeating this to myself this month. if i drop the ball, it will still be ok. if i can't do my very best at everything, my husband will still love me.

how do you make a busy day or month a little better?


Anonymous said...

your blog pictures always make me happy. :)

Charlie said...

Thank you for these little tips! I was just feeling overwhelmed by my busy May schedule and wondering how I could find joy in it. Definitely needed this!

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