telling stories

today i want to share with you some of my most recent photography work - family portraits. i have shied away from this work in the past, only taking on small projects here & there, because i didn't yet feel comfortable in my own abilities as a photographer. recently, though, my confidence in my work has grown & i have embraced my role as a storyteller behind the camera.


i absolutely love the process of photographing these beautiful families & sharing their unique stories in images. it is such a gift & i am so thankful to have the opportunity to capture such sweet & intimate moments.


if you are local & would like to talk about photo sessions, please email me at natalie.j.freeman(at)! i would love to sit with you over a cup of coffee & talk!



keltouche said...
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Cassy said...

You are an EXCELLENT photographer and I will recommend you highly to anyone looking for some family portraits.

Gaby said...

these are all so sweet.

mamãju said...

Hello! I found your blog through I am gratefull for having found it, I am loving to read it and I am already following it! I have a blog (in portuguese) about a farm and the house we are starting to build... And today I made a post about porches, because is one of the things I dream to have in my new home. I thought it would be interesting to share your post ( I also posted 2 pictures from yor porch (and linked to you of course). Is that ok? I hope you dont mind, but if you do... please let me know!

Gem said...

Your photography is just wonderful! I love the colours, composition and the softness of these portraits. (:

Little Red Motherhood said...

beautiful work Natalie! Wish I lived close I would love to have you capture my family.

Anonymous said...

Hi! What camera do you use??

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