our backyard flock + our coop is for sale!

we have had quite a bit of chicken heartbreak recently so i wanted to dedicate today's post to our sweet little backyard flock! we lost a handful of girls this spring due to severe weather & possible predators. the above girls were our little survivors. because we spend so much time with our girls, we quickly begin to notice their unique personalities & little quirks. the coop was beginning to feel a bit empty with just our little group of seven gals. 

when a dear friend heard of our chicken loss, she immediately emailed me & offered to give us some of her girls she hatched & raised on her farm. just a side note: i have really great friends. of course we said yes! she brought them by this past weekend & our coop is finally back to it's normal, lively state! 

my heart nearly popped when i met these sweet ladies, held by their previous mama from day one. we look forward to growing our flock when we move onto the farm, but for now it is so wonderful having a little flock in our backyard, all named & all dearly loved.

if you would like to learn more about raising chickens in your backyard, i would recommend chick days by jenna woginrich. it's a wonderful introductory book & makes raising chickens easy & fun! 

in addition, because we are upgrading to a large barn at the farm, we are selling our handmade coop that was custom built by my husband! this coop is dear to our hearts as it has housed our little flock for nearly two years! it is made of sturdy wood, painted the sweetest yellow color, with a metal roof. the coop is 3 ft x 6 ft with an attached 6 ft x 6 ft run. the coop is on wheels & serves as a wonderful chicken tractor. we are asking $500. we would be thrilled to share our knowledge of raising chickens with you & happy to help in any way as you pursue your chicken adventures! if you are local, please email me at natalie.j.freeman(at)gmail.com so we can chat! 

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