julia's rhubarb syrup

i almost fell out of my seat when i read julia's post about rhubarb syrup on tend a couple of weeks back. we are a simple syrup loving family & enjoy experimenting with different, unique ingredients. i had walked past our rhubarb several times wishing for just a couple of hours to roll out a homemade crust, chop some rhubarb & bake a strawberry rhubarb pie. in the midst of buying a farm & moving, that just was not going to happen anytime soon. instead, i harvested a basket of rhubarb & made julia's wonderful rhubarb syrup.

you can find her recipe here. i skipped out on the ginger (not a fan. weird, i know) & still loved the taste. it is slightly sweet & perfect with sparkling water or club soda. just a note: when you strain the rhubarb, it will look like mush. that is a good sign!

ahhh, the perfect beverage while packing boxes...


Kimberly said...

just wanted to let you know your link on the sidebar to your etsy shop isn't working

Liesl said...

I made rhubarb syrup for the first time this year. Delicious. Next time I'll try it with honey. Sounds even better.

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