july beginnings

july holds so much for our little family. we are taking a few days off & floating the river. we are harvesting baskets full of eggplant, summer squash & our favorite sungold cherry tomatoes from the garden. we are eating fresh dinners outside & enjoying big slices of watermelon together on the front porch. we are buying our very first home this month, too. 

we have packed up most of our items we do not absolutely need in the next month, sold those extra bits that kept us from living simply & for now, we are living with only the necessities. the walls are bare, our rooms hold a little less stuff & we are feeling much lighter. 

this morning, i simply want to share with you the quiet moments of this morning as i made our bed, scribbled down some notes for this week's meal plan, noticed the light - my favorite part of this home that i will sure miss - & sewed on a few buttons for an upcoming project (more details soon, i promise). i am thankful for this quiet morning as the rest of july will for sure be packed & full of so much.

 what does this wonderful month hold for you? 

p.s. july goals coming soon. xo.


Stacy said...

I am so happy for you! And LOVE the succulent tea cups in a drawer! I knew we were kindred spirits!! xo

Liesl said...

Enjoy the quiet before everything gets busy. Best of luck with the move and transition.

I'm hoping this month with bring some picnics and days by some lakes near here.

jen johnson said...

loveliness all around. I feel like quiet moments are necessary in order to enjoy the bursting moments more.

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