july goals

in july 2013, i will:
- take an adventure
- buy our first home
- have fun along the way


july, we have been waiting for you. we are so excited to meet you & honestly, we thought we might have to wait many more years to finally say that this is the month we are purchasing our first home. this is such a blessing to our family. we are thankful. 

june, you were really good to us. you provided that much needed rest we all really craved. we succeeded in june. we soaked up summer with watermelon on the front porch, dinners outside, farm parties & camp outs in the back of our old truck. i am continuing to run. 11.5 lb. down & counting. & we definitely simplified. almost every closet is cleaned out & every bit that we won't use in the next month is packed away for our new home.

in july, we will take advantage of these first few weeks before farm animals & farm life. we will soak up this wonderful long weekend with a little summer getaway to the river. summer sausages wrapped up in whole wheat buns on the fire, coffee in the wee morning hours, good friends, a borrowed canoe & several days of floating bliss. once we return, we will begin turning our simple 1980s house into a home. along the way, we will appreciate this change, the many blessings of this time, & have a whole lot of fun.

what are your goals this month? please share!


Stephanie said...

I am so excited to read and see photos of your new place. you did so much with this place and it's so cute that I can't wait. Good luck moving. Random question, I am looking into getting saltwaters and I am usually a half size. How true to size are they? Basically I'm just scared to order a 10! :)
And congratulations on the weight loss I know how hard it is.

natalie said...

stephanie, if you are a 10, i would go with a 10. they are pretty true to size. also, if they don't fit, you can always return them & go up/down a size! thanks for all of the sweet words. we are SO excited! :)

Theresa said...

I am encouraged by the goals you set for yourself each month. And, I think I shall start with a few myself. I was doing a couch to 5k program as well,but then the family got sick, had visitors, etc..so that is my goal to start that again. Because I really was enjoying the jogging & having that time set aside for just me running through the trails with a smile on my face. I also am encouraged how you appear to celebrate the every day things & who doesn't need more of that? Thank you.

Caroline said...

Congratulations on your house!! I'm looking forward to read about your farming adventures, especially about your goats. I'm also inspired by your monthly goals. Even though I just wrote a chapter on goal setting for a student success strategies handbook, I realized that I don't really set goals myself. In July, I hope to continue volunteering, sign up for a class in sustainable agriculture at one of the local community colleges, and make the most of summer. I blogged about my goals here: http://2x3makes4.blogspot.com/2013/07/goals-for-july-and-going-ons.html

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