all good things.

today's post is going to be a mix of some recent thoughts, feelings & overall life happenings. forgive the randomness of it all.


this weekend was such a gift of so many good things. we finally slowed down enough to enjoy the last bit of summer & this amazing place we now call home. 

we added a new girl to our herd. her name is calamity & she is a nubian mix. she is as sweet & precious as they come. our good friend needed a place for her to stay so we are caring for her until her owner finds some land of her own. 

we absolutely love the goats. they keep the land well trimmed while we save for a tractor & their sweet presence really adds to the farm's charm. they run up to us when we open the gate to the pastures, nudging for hugs & snacks of corn kernels. 

we have owned this place for a tad bit over a month & it already feels like ours. it has been such an exciting & challenging transition as we feel pulled in many different directions. there's always a project to be done & the work is never finished.

i spent a good part of the day last week crying from the overwhelming amount of to do's on my list & things undone. i choked back the tears as i ran- mind you, the only time i really ever allow myself to really process what's in front of me. when i got into the car & drove home, i felt myself release a whole lot of junk i've been holding onto. i'm not necessarily sure how to share this part of our adventure with you, but it's all so good. the tears, the busyness, the quiet, this place. it's rewarding & it's ours. 

 here's a little piece of our place that feels like heaven among the boxes & busy pace. i come out to our porch most mornings to drink my coffee. in the evenings, we chat among the twinkle lights. the weather has been perfect so we hope to have dinners here. that is, when i begin cooking regularly again... 

and of course, i must share with you my sweet nephew, oliver, who came into town with my mom & brother. he is a sweet, chunky, sunshiny baby & full of absolute joy. we love him so!

have a wonderful start to your week, friends!


rebecca said...

I hear you on the growing to-do list and the tears.

p.s. that running with the goats picture is just about one of the best pictures I've ever seen on a blog! It makes me want to run with goats. :) LOL

Gaby said...

your place looks absolutely amazing. and your nephew, so cute!

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