the birthday farmer

luke turned 24 yesterday! happy birthday, luke!

it was a wonderful day filled with wishes for the new year, a special breakfast, sweet treats, homemade cake, gifts & family. when i asked my sweet farmer husband what we wanted in this new year, he shared that he just wants to keep doing what we're doin'. i couldn't agree more, babe.

we have a special tradition of preparing a special breakfast for the other on their birthday & baking a cake. this year, i made luke a dutch baby, inspired by my dear friend amy & made from a martha recipe. it was divine. i also made our special smitten kitchen inspired chocolate cake, but we always add a thick coat of jam in between the cake layers. smothered in our favorite fudge icing with little burlap flags for whimsy. 

i really cannot believe luke & i have shared life & birthdays for six years now. i met luke as a freshman in college when he was 18. he wore polyester pants with large metal-rimmed glasses & carried around a film camera. throughout those years, he traded in his well-loved camera (& thankfully passed on the passion to me!) for a pitchfork & a love for the soil.

with each year, i love how luke grows into his role as husband, farmer, community builder & friend. he's a wonderful, sensitive, cheerful, loving, & hardworking man. i love you, luke! let's keep doing what we're doin'.



Anonymous said...

It all looks so delicious!
Happy Birthday, Luke!

Jess said...

happy birthday to Luke! you two are so sweet, I love you guys!!!

SATSUMA said...

mmm delicious cake!! (more now, that i can´t eat sugar!!) hehe

Happy birthday to Luke and all the best to both of you, couple ;)

Mary said...

this is so so precious.
everything about it is just so perfect.
simple perfection.
you inspire me, lady!
yay for contentment in just doin' what your doin'! :)
lots of love to you!

also, why can't we be neighbors? i feel like we would get along SO well. xo

Kaylan said...

i love how you choose to make everything so special by adding little homemade touches everywhere- it's one of the things that i first noticed about you and your blog and just inspires me so much! BTW polyester pants and a film camera? lol. so cute.

Luke Freeman said...

I love you so much, Natalie! Thanks for making my 24th birthday a day to remember. I love growing up with you and building a life together! It just keeps getting better and better!

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