packages of heart garland

i have some really amazing friends. friends both close & far away. friends i've shared coffee with weekly & friends i've only exchanged word through email. i am so thankful for all of these individuals who speak into my life, visit the farm, take an hour or two for a cup of tea & mail packages of heart-shape garland honoring our dear state.

my sweet friend, jessie of the kind pilot, just recently sent me this lovely little arkansas garland just because. jessie & i were in a small & dear-to-my-heart women's group at church & shared large parts of our life together for some time. i was just recently hitched & she was welcoming her first son. jessie's home is gorgeous & her personal aesthetic is inspiring. also - hands down- she has the best handwriting on the planet.

so, when i received a package from her filled with a little note & something to place in my own home, i was absolutely giddy. it's the perfect pop of color & inspired this little corner in our home.

my mom came over recently for a surprise trip & saw the garland. she instantly found the heart with the name of her town where she grew up. it's such a fun little piece to have in our home & it hangs on a a piece of art my other dearest & kindest friend, jessie, drew. i am officially calling this my jessie wall. 

so, if you have a little moment, stop by & welcome jessie's new etsy shop, the kind pilot. she spreads cheer through paper & thread. & really, who doesn't need a bit of cheer?

oh, & just in case you thought i was all moved in with a perfectly clean home...

think again.


Nicolette Gawthrop said...

LOVE it! your home is coming together so adorably!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely home especially the last photo, Ann

Suzanne said...

I love your wall colour! Do you mind sharing the brand and the name?

Suzanne said...

I love your wall colour! Do you mind sharing the brand and the name?

Emily said...

I love Jessie's shop! So sweet of her to make a custom cuteness for your new house. I also appreciate the picture of your sink. It looks like my house. :) I love all of that real life stuff.

Andrea said...

Hey Natalie! I really adore what you did with your kitchen :) We recently moved too-- and from your before pics it looks like we had a pretty similar era (our home looks a little older but the last time it was redone looks about the same). Wondering if you might be doing a tour of your house and kitchen? I'd love to see them-- since I'm still trying to figure out how to improve some of our rooms, and you are so darn crafty and cute. The inspiration would be much needed :)

natalie said...

suzanne! it's stillness by valspar :)

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