the good stuff.

this weekend was wonderful! a mix of so many good things. we celebrated my brother-in-law's birthday (happy birthday, david!) & my dearest best friend visited the farm. 

we have been friends since junior high. we remember each other's awkward teenage stages (honestly, tori has never had one. she's always been beautiful). we've made so many memories in her childhood home & i dearly love her family like my own. we've shared our deepest secrets with one another. she was my maid of honor. 

we've also had our really hard moments. those moments that have stretched us as individuals & ultimately brought us closer. longer friendships are like that. the good always far surpasses the hard. i've got a deep love for that best friend of mine.

time spent with a friend that just gets you fills you up. we rested, we did a bit of yoga, we walked around the farmers' market & we enjoyed bagels together at the local bakery. 

we harvested basil & made pesto together in the kitchen over good conversation. we shared in our passions for photography along the dirt roads leading to the farm. we talked about our loves & babies & life. all the good stuff in one wonderful afternoon.

wishing you all the good stuff this beautiful monday. 


Rachel Weaver said...

I dearly miss my best friend who lives 5 hours away now, but there is something about getting to spend long stretches of time together now that she lives far away that feels so good. I love the sleep-overs and breakfast time just as much as the dinner and cocktails time.

Natanya said...

Oh, best friends a treasure aren't they? Two of my dearest friends and I started a Facebook group just for us that we call Trifecta. That way we can try to stay updated with each other's lives even when life feels too busy to slow down for a long conference call. How sweet that you could share such a lovely visit with your bestie!

Anonymous said...
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