crock pot applesauce in celebration of autumn!

it's that wonderful time of year again! apple season! autumn is almost among us & luke is bringing home big brown bags full of apples from the farm. there are so many different varieties & we are thankful to have such a beautiful bounty that's organic, too. 

we are gifting big baskets brimming with colorful apples to friends & family. my dear friend, katy, just recently sent me a set of the sweet cards above & they are absolutely perfect for this time of year. check out her etsy shop to purchase a handful for your autumn gifts.

because we are swimming in apples & we don't have a lot of extra time right now to preserve, can, dry or bake, i came up with a delicious way to preserve those extra apples you harvest from the orchard or purchase from the farmers' market! crock pot applesauce is simple, easy, healthy & produces the most amazing autumn scent in your home. 

this recipe also incorporates the apple skins so you don't have to worry about peeling! i would only recommend using the skins on organic apples. if you're using non-organic apples, go ahead & peel to reduce pesticide residue in your applesauce. 

for my full recipe, head on over to hello luvvy to find my recipe!

do you have any other simple recipes for apples? please share!


hannah singer said...

LOVE so much!

Monika said...

this recipe is wonderful. a smell and a colour of fried apples are something what I am loving in autumn.
I have certain recipe to apple pancakes with raisins and the ginger on my blog:)
I recommend and I am greeting!


katygirl said...

i can't wait to make this!

Open Roads Mama said...

Wow, sounds delicious! Will definitely make, I love using my crockpot! You reminded me of this apple cake recipe I used to have in my fav sweets recipe binder, must go look it up and make it again - will try to post the recipe when I do.

Hollie said...

I am so excited to make this. We picked 12 pounds of apples yesterday, and this sounds perfect!

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