in the last of summer kitchen

autumn is slowly creeping into our kitchen, but i am holding tight to the end of summer. happenings in our late summer kitchen...

- i spent an early morning this week chopping up the (almost) last of our bell peppers. i like to freeze the extras for the winter months. you can't beat fajitas & stir fry late in the year with summer's bell peppers.

- we gathered our first americauna egg from the coop this week. packaging up eggs this week for our dear customer (soon to be more in the spring!) was so exciting & colorful! thank you, penny, for the sweet green egg!

- we are still knee deep in blackberries & raspberries from the farm so i am freezing them by the gallons & placing them in the deep freezer for those late winter smoothies we enjoy so much.

- i hope to get out into the garden this weekend to harvest basil for pesto making & the last of our tomatoes for spaghetti sauce.

- our collection of succulents in coffee tins is growing thanks to sweet friends & housewarming gifts. 

- i made this delicious turkey chili in the crock pot this week. it was perfect for dinner paired with tortilla chips. 

- luke is bringing home brown bags full of apples from the farm. i am gifting baskets full of apples to friends & filling jars with warm cinnamon applesauce. yum!

- we will be enjoying fried rice & sweet potatoes this week along with pizza night on saturday! 

it's a happening place in the kitchen this week. 
what are you doing in your kitchen these days?


SATSUMA said...

Yummmm!! Natalie, everything looks delicious :) i miss my vegetables and fruits from the garden in Madrid it´s difficult to find it, but i made some delicious canned eggplant this weeek ;)

Have a nice day

Vanessa said...

Crockpot everyweekend-corn muffins and lentil soup.

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