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two weeks, really? this morning i crawled out of bed at 6 am, put on a comfy sweater & came to this space. it's an outlet of creativity for me & i have missed it.

life can be so busy sometimes. the hustle & bustle of the everydayness mixed with what you think you should do & what others believe you need to be doing. perhaps that's why i'm drawn to farm life. yes, there's always an unfinished project or an animal to feed, but i'm almost certain it brings equal stillness & quiet to my busy life. 

before the fall leaves fell, i headed outside with my big camera (hello, old friend) & snapped some photos of our farm. i want to remember this first year of growing & raising.

it's inspiring to be with these animals that provide so much for our daily living. also, their sweetness draws me near. did i mention our goat gals are expecting? kids in the spring, oh my! 

of course, i must point out our never-ending project which is the chicken coop & goat barn. we're expanding the run, adding a new wall & insulating it all for the winter months. those white buckets were our way of saving money, but i insisted we do something about them. thank goodness that farmer loves me (they're no longer there)... :)

i am also incredibly thankful for that little room in the back of our house that i've carved out as my studio of sorts. sewing, ironing, making, gluing- all of those things have brought about that quiet rhythm. it's slow, it's quiet, it's good.

i have been preparing for the holiday season with product made & a bit of elfing mixed in for fun.

step by step, one piece made at a time...

these days are good.
on another note- i am so excited to share our new farm logo!
jess of witchin' in the kitchen  & her dreamy (amazing!) talents created this beautiful logo for us. when she asked if we could talk on the phone, i was so incredibly nervous. y'all, she's a big deal! of course, she was the sweetest & seriously the best to work with on such an exciting project! we're thankful for jess & this little logo that represents all of our passions & dreams on our little plot of land.



Hayley said...

Your blog makes me feel so warm and fuzzy. I hope that Jesse and I will get to see you and Luke and visit your precious farm next week!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing what you are up to around the farm. What a magical year you must have had (and I'm sure hard work too).

April twofive said...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving Day to you! What an inspiring blog space! Thank you! You make me feel life is so bright and beautiful!~~

Kaylan said...

This is such a great post. You need to take more photos of your every day life at the farm :) xo

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