natalie creates shop is open!

oh, what a happy day it is!

just a little reminder that the etsy shop has reopened!

thank you!


Sheila Johnson said...

OOOOOHHHHHH. I love these! Great fabric choices!

Tina said...

Natalie, hey! It's Tina, from Mizzou. I know you barely know me, but I still follow your blog and love your crafts and generally adore the way you live your life.

I stopped using Facebook and don't have your email address, so this is the only way I have to get in touch. My friend just released a crafty/DIY app that instantly made me think of you. It's called Makr, and it's for designing all kinds of printed goods -- labels for home brew, tags for Etsy gifts, name cards, you name it. Their website is here: Looks pretty great...if you have an iPad, that is. Anyway, like I said, it made me think of you, and I'm really proud of my friend, so happiness all around.

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