november goals

in november 2013, i will:

- work smart
- plan lunches
- be thankful

november, you're here already? october was sweet, but it seemed to really fly by. i'm almost certain i blinked & turned the page to a new month. in october, i traveled a lot. even with all of our traveling, i managed to plan our dinners & stay within our budget most of the month. we had our first frost so luke made mountains of pesto from our productive basil. i honestly didn't do well at saving. that will always be a struggle for me. 

november is full of so much promise! december will bring two craft shows & the rush of holiday shopping so i am planning ahead with my handmade production. i plan to work smart & schedule time to focus on my business, which i am really excited about. (heads up! the shop reopens at 9 am on november 6th! i sold out of cozies the first day i opened so make sure to write it down on your calendar if you're interested in making a purchase!)

i will also plan lunches. i spoke with a girlfriend this past weekend who shared some ideas for healthy lunches. i typically get in a rut of eating junk, skipping lunch or loading on the calories with dinner leftovers. this month i will plan healthy lunches of crock pot vegetable soups, salads & turkey sandwiches. one step closer toward a more balanced lifestyle... i can dig that!

finally, our family will be thankful this month. i crafted up a little jar with slips of paper for writing down one thing each day we are thankful for throughout the month of november. it's important & necessary to cultivate a heart of thanksgiving & what better time of year than now to do so?

november, we're ready for you!

what are your goals for november? please share!

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alison said...

good for you on the meal planning. I have such a hard time with it. For most of my life I just stare into the fridge then come up with something. I have been eating Paleo (when I'm not a failure and stray from it) so meal planning is kind of essential to staying with it.. but it's haaaard! I can't wait to see how it goes. Do you have any tips or tricks for sticking with meal planning?

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