war eagle 2013 - a family tradition continues!

oh yes, i am alive & well. over a week of silence! i am so sorry. it's just sometimes those dishes & that pile of laundry & the growing to do list & two weekends away from home & a crazy schedule ahead means there aren't enough hours & the days are full. 

a good full, though.

a few weekends ago, we had our annual war eagle weekend trip! it was a small group this year, but we had equal amounts of fun as any year! you can see the previous trips here & here. war eagle weekend is my favorite family tradition - one that involves the women from our family & lots of shopping, good food, laughter & relaxation. i always leave recharged, inspired & full of new ideas. 

i purchased more than i ever have before. it's so exciting having a home that you see yourself living in for many, many years to come. i made a list earlier in the summer for the perfect items i just might find at war eagle. several goodies were crossed off the list, including a fireplace mantel & a few home decor bits (photos to come, i promise!).

this year the junk was good, the crafts wonderfully unique & the place popped with color. i thought i'd share some of my favorite finds...

- BOOK letters!! eeep! i purchased "L" & "N" for our home. 

- little dresses for wee girls made from vintage linens & a table with clock faces! oh my, so inspiring.

- of course, this inspired me to make these with my sweet school gardeners. heart melt.

- and of course, i cannot forget my dear friend, vanessa's booth. my favorite booth of all. ever. this year i even had a sneak peek of her work in her garage the day before. i almost snuck over with a mask that evening & stole every little bit. it's just that good. 

i came away with a necklace, a ring & mosaic seasonal trees. her jewelry is something new that she's been working on & it's seriously drool worthy. you can find her shop, the mosaic butterfly, right here. she's an amazing friend, an incredible person & a wickedly talented crafts lady. love her.

and of course, we couldn't go home without a stop in the old fashioned candy shop!

a wonderful retreat with my favorite ladies. let the countdown to next year begin!

p.s. happy halloweeeeeen!!


Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Wow so many great finds, looks like a great trip

Rachel Weaver said...

First off, what a beautiful family of gingers. Second, War Eagle looks amazing. I'm excited to see how you style your new stuff.

Amanda Buck said...

WOW!! That looked like way too much fun! I'm jealous. BTW I love your blog:-)

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