our christmas together.

luke & i usually celebrate christmas together on christmas eve eve. with a full week of traveling to see family during christmas, we really savor the time with just us two making our own memories & traditions as a little family.

as you know, i love making our home festive. it makes me happy & fills me up to decorate while making do with what we have. the wee stocking is our dogs' shared stocking. no wee one to announce, we promise.

the little wire carousel is filled with cards from loved ones near & far. my very favorite part of christmas for sure. the box of cards are ones i have saved from past years.

we usually celebrate our christmas with breakfast for two. luke made martha stewart's french toast with nine grain bread & a side of local bacon. 

little details from this year's gift wrappings. i added a wee bit more color than usual & added little handmade ornaments to clothespins (inspired by ashley!).

 & a couple of gifts were exchanged. our budget is always small, but we are able to make & give so much with what we do have. luke found this apron for me & i love it to say the least.

i had this farm sign made for luke. a little more than our budget allowed but the blessing of so many photo shoots this past autumn season made this possible. a full heart kind of day, indeed.

feeling blessed to have each other & this little farm. we are incredibly thankful for you, too. thank you for following along on our adventures! 

i will be back in a couple of days after a bit of traveling & merriment! until then... happy everything!



Jess said...

I love you guys! Merry Christmas Luke and Natalie. I didn't send a card this year but know that you're both in my heart. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

Christina Lowry said...

Happy everything indeed! Enjoy your travels and the big and little moments. The sign is fabulous! :)

Amanda Buck said...

I love your photos and I seriously adore your home! Merry Christmas!

Daniela said...

Merry Christmas Natalie :-) your photos are Always so stunning and beautiful :-)

Mary said...

i just love you!
i hope that your Christmas was wonderful and that the celebrations continue to be wonderful for you both!


Handbags*and*Pigtails said...

Merry Christmas! Its so nice to see and be able to comment on your blog instead of just Instagram. Hope your travels were safe:)

Madelyn R said...
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Madelyn R said...
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Madelyn R said...

New follower! Your blog is adorable. Looking forward to reading more! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas.

Heather said...

You two have made such a beautiful home together, your home is just lovely and that breakfast sounds so good right now! Wishing both of you a wonderful 2014! Cant wait to see how life changes on the farm--- I love all those baby goats that have been born! awwww! :D

Kelly said...

Hey Natalie, looked back at your post to see if yiu had listed the source of your farm sign you had made, would you mind sharing... Thanks much!

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