the best of 2013

this is always my favorite blog post to write. i love looking back on what we have accomplished & how we have grown. it is also a good time to reflect & learn from the disappointments of this year. this last january i never would have thought we would be where we are- owners of a little farm & surrounded by such a wonderful community. we have been blessed beyond measure! a recap, shall we?


in january, we began the year in our home in town. luke was still working out-of-town & away three nights a week. i decided to make three goals for every month & we went on our annual family retreat.


in february, luke & i made a sheet fort for date night. i did a lot of creating in february, knitting luke a hat & finishing my first ever quilt for my first nephew. i also shared how we meal plan! in february luke found a job in town & came home for good. this is also the month my papa passed away.


in march i hosted a dear friend's baby shower, we added six new fluff balls to our backyard flock & we celebrated easter with a hike in the ozarks!


in april we celebrated my 24th birthday & the birth of my sweet first nephew! i also took a big leap of faith & headed for the colorado mountains. #coloradogirls2013!


in may our raised beds were well established & our garden was growing. this is the month i also started running!


in june, we walked the farm for the first time & fell in love. we went through the hoops of home ownership this month. we also sold our first coop in preparation of moving to the farm. the first piece luke ever built. it's still close to my heart.


july was a very crazy month! we went on a three day float trip along the buffalo river with friends & luke's brother. we also bought the farm! it was a surreal moment & one i will never forget. we spent the last part of the month doing demolition on our home. it was exhausting but well worth the effort.


august was also such a busy month, but so so good. we celebrated four rich years of marriage & luke's birthday! i also ran my first ever 5k. we visited the county fair & i managed to fit in a whole lot of canning. 


in september i took a big leap & went to a be crafty event in tulsa. there i met some amazing ladies! my best friend visited our farm for the first time & we sold our first dozen of eggs!

october -

october, one of my favorite months, was met with some amazing memories. i launched my etsy shop for the first time & was met with incredible support. the women of my family & i also enjoyed our war eagle crafts fair tradition!

november - 

 in november i began prepping for holiday craft shows, stitch by stitch. we also finalized our farm logo! 

december - 

december was a wondeful, full month. we focused our intentions on the winter season & what it could bring for our little family. i also made many handmade gifts for the dearest in our lives. under the full moon, we experienced our first births on the farm with the arrival of five baby goats! days i will never forget. we brought in the holiday season with our traditional christmas breakfast. 

we are so thankful for this year & the richness it has brought to our lives. i cannot wait to see what is in store for 2014!


Jaclyn said...

I actually got tear eyes reading this! I dream of exactly what you have for your little farm!!! Congrats in so much (and at young ages)!

Unknown said...

It's so wonderful to get to follow along on your beautiful journey. I've been wanting to start your monthly goals, so that's my New Years resolution. Can't wait to see what 2014 holds for you.

Holly said...

I had forgotten that it was only a year ago that Luke was still driving back and forth!

HomeCollection. said...

what a year !
so good to see all the things achieved ! congratulations !
i now wish you the best for 2014 :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and blessed year! I had no idea your ownership of the farm was so new. You've accomplished so much this year it was amazing to see!

Unknown said...

I want live like that when I grow up! :)

Mary said...

i adore this post.


Katie said...

I'm so glad that 2013 was the year that I discovered your blog. I've been so inspired by your posts and daily life. Thanks for being a shining light! What a blessed year.

Jeremy Linneman said...

tears. happy tears. natalie, this is just so beautiful, and i love seeing your reflections on the year! :)

Jeremy Linneman said...

oh.. and that was jeremy's wife :)

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