simple advent candles diy

i recently posted our homemade advent candles on instagram & several had questions about them. they are super easy to make; it almost makes me giggle posting a how-to about them. of course, keeping with our traditions of use what you have & don't spend an extra penny!, i thought i would share a quick little tutorial that might inspire you to do the same.

there is something so beautiful about lighting a candle each week in anticipation. it creates a feeling of warmth & allows us to slow down in the midst of the hustle & bustle of the holiday season. luke & i usually read a bit of scripture, share what we're thankful for in this season & pray for those things heavy on our hearts. it's a simple time & that's honestly what we love about it.

i used what we already had on hand with the exception of the letter & number stickers i purchased at jo ann's for half off. this project cost me a total of $2. 

i gathered up old jars all in the same size, string, white paper tags & stickers. i put one sticker on each tag & tied the tag to the jar with string. i placed simple white candles in each jar. i might have to replace  some of the candles throughout our time of advent, but i have a box of them so it's not a problem. i love a simple, quick, meaningful project!

let me know if you do something similar at your home! do you have any traditions leading up to christmas? please share!


Anonymous said...

really cute!

Mike or Shannon said...

love this! it's so easy to get caught up with the busy-ness of the season, such a great way to slow down and focus on what matters.
thanks for sharing~s.

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