our 2013 christmas card!

yay! our 2013 christmas card!

my favorite tradition during the holiday season is sending out christmas cards to dear friends & family! we have created quite the list of recipients since our first married christmas together. i love this simple way of keeping in touch with our favorite people!

here are our cards from years past-



2011 ... photo attached behind with washi tape. see here.



i usually make our card, but this year i went with simple & ordered our cards from my dear friends, katy & lindsay, of the christmas collaboration on etsy! when they announced their christmas card line, i couldn't help but order one of their beautiful designs. it was SO affordable, too! also, i loved the idea of supporting small artists.

they sent the design quickly & i had the cards printed at overnight prints for less than $10.  all in all, including stamps, it cost me less than $50 to send out our cards. i have loved making our cards over the years, but this year was so simple & truly wonderful. head on over to their shop before they close on december 10th & support these amazing ladies!

& before i go, i want to share a bit about our holiday photo... over the years we or our friends have taken our photos. we usually take a simple selfie (2011 card) or our friends will snap a quick photo during a special outing (apple picking in the fall, cutting down our christmas tree). this year we wanted to mark this special year of owning our farm with a really nice photo. we created the scene in front of our little chicken coop & set up the tripod for our photos. it was free & the outtakes of me running toward that chair are hilarious!

of course, we cannot forget an outtake of clover photobombing...

happy saint nicholas day, friends! we woke up to our shoes filled with chocolate & citrus along with a fresh blanket of snow on the ground. it's a snow day! yay!


katygirl said...

you're the best.

Anonymous said...

Very cute Christmas cards! :)Rachel

Lindsay - Pen and Paint said...

oh what a sweet pic of ya'll! thank you for having us create your card. i love how it turned out!

Anonymous said...

Hey, very beautiful and innovative cards. I must say amazing pictures.

~ Sunita
Christmas Cards

NickandCaeli said...

Great cards! A favorite tradition of mine too!

Karen Simon said...

very cute! i like this collection ... you should enter some photo contests or upload your pic here to send as e-cards to all your beloved ones:
merry christmas !!

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