new growth, new chapter

this weekend was good. one of those weekends that leaves you thankful for this life & that you get to call it yours. life has been so hard recently. i haven't shared that weight here for the simple fact that i want parts of my life to remain private for the sake of my family & for myself. thankfully i can feel a slight shift as if we're turning a new page & coming out of the dark & a bit stronger, too. spring, you're good for the soul.

the farmers' market opened this weekend. i'm fairly certain our entire town was out & about at the market lingering in the warm sunshine, listening to music & purchasing the good stuff. we brought home a bouquet of flowers & an excitement for what's to happen this season.

i love the newness of spring & the beauty of this season. new life, abundant growth, a new chapter - all around & also within. 

happy monday, friends. this week is a fresh start. let us embrace its possibility!



Pheasant said...

beautiful post Natalie. Happy spring to you

Bella Vita Jewelry said...

Beautiful! The Famer's Market is the one thing I miss the most about Fayetteville!!

I'm Sara. said...

Beautiful friend. I so admire you...your handmade lifestyle, your beautiful strength. Here's to spring and fresh starts!

April said...

It truly does look like a lovely, carefree weekend! The springy sprigs in the ball jars are dreamy...

Natalie I fell in love with your Instagram feed, which led me to your delightful blog and Etsy shop! Love your creations! I will confess that I spent the better part of an hour one night scrolling through all your old post :)

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