on the farm

on the farm, we are:

- welcoming the last spring babe. hello, chip! you are just the sweetest. both mama & kid are doing quite well & cozy in their little barn.
- filling baskets with bright blue, green, pink, white, cream & brown eggs. it's always a surprise as to what we'll find in the nest box.
- a barrel full of scraps from the local juicery for our sweet herd.
- sharing our love of farming with the littles in our community.
- borrowed electric fencing (we love our farming friends) to protect the girls from that pesky fox!
- chippy & rusty porch accessories are the very best if i do say so myself.
- goats grazing pastures in search of the best green treats.
- planting, planting, planting. every evening until dark.
- still pinching myself that we get to call this place "our farm." 

tell me. what are you doing in your parts?


Elise said...

I love little glimpses into your farm life! I patiently{ha!} await the day when we can have our bit of land to play on. Today, I do feel a wee homesteady as I make strawberry jam. :)

Happy Wednesday!


Katie @ sweet peas said...

This makes my heart so, so happy! I love all of ya'lls pictures. We are a military family, and have a small organic garden in our house on base this year, which we love. And lots of quilting happening in our parts. :)


Sara said...

We are doing lots of gardening, porch-sitting, and playing outside! Hope your girls are ok and safe from the fox!

Caitlin | The Siren's Tale said...

So many good things going on at your little farm :) I'm getting ready to transplant outdoors this weekend, and I'm so excited!

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