weekend with my grandparents

this weekend my grandparents visited our farm & stayed the night with us. there's nothing quite like sharing your little farm with the farming generation. my grandpa is a retired farmer & i love hearing his stories. during those times, his family farmed to eat. 

my grandparents are amazing people. my grandpa grew up very poor & learned to "keep on, keepin' on," which led him to farming successfully. my grandma is a homemaker, writer & poet. she's deeply spiritual & was crunchy before it was cool. they're lively & fun with so much to share. 

during their short stay, we sat around many tables, breaking bread & sharing stories of their past & dreams for the future. we talked about farming, raising children, books, marriage, faith & so much more. i want to bottle up these moments with these two.

love you, grandma & grandpa!

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emcr1229 said...

What an amazing gift you received. I miss my grandparents. Enjoy your time with them

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