a space to just be.

how do you recharge & relax? what makes your heart sing? 

how do you unwind & gather your thoughts? what inspires you to pour your all into your daily rhythm & tasks?

i think these are questions all of us should ask ourselves. 

i am often times surrounded by women who do not know the answer to these questions because they're never really given the opportunity to explore what rejuvenates their soul, inspires their being & makes their heart sing. 

friends, we must leave space in our lives to relax & just be.

space to just be.

i am so thankful for my sweet friend, sara, who said yes to her dream & created the rosy retreat - a space to just be. 

when i answer those questions centered around rejuvenating, lifting spirits & caring for myself best - i imagine a creative, relaxing, calm space with a group of like-minded girls. 

sara created just this. (bless you, sara.)

& she invited us to be a part of her dream. 

i left that evening with a full heart & a group of new girlfriends. i left with a handful of crafts, a pretty flower crown, some lovely photos & an inspired soul. 

friends, i said yes to a space that allowed me to just be so that i could leave & be so much more for my home.

what relaxes & inspires you? what makes your heart sing?

craft with your girlfriends or read a book. host a dinner party & eat on paper plates if you don't like washing dishes. say yes to your dream & host a retreat for women. invite your tribe to coffee dates or go thrifting together. take a long nap or go for a long walk.

find a space that allows you to just be. 


Chantel Klassen said...

Wow, this looks amazing! I wish I lived closer.
*I recently came across your blog and pretty much read through the last few years of your blog posts over the course of a couple of days. I love everything you share here.

natalie said...

chantel, i cannot tell you how much that means to me. thank you!

Mary A said...

I wrote about the same thing yesterday. What a beautiful idea to invite your beloveds for relaxing together.

In Defense of Solitude

I'm Sara. said...

Friend, I'm not sure what I did or how I happened to be so lucky to call you friend, but I'm ever so glad we've met. The way you unselfishly cheerlead for other people is astounding. I've never known a friendship like it. Thank-you for writing about our evening. Your pictures are glorious!

Lori said...

You are a beautiful spirit. Lovely inspiration, as always. :)

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