the crafty & inexpensive $15 home address sign tutorial

i've got a bad case of the crafty home projects. 

crafty home projects of the simple, cheap & cute variety.

after a recommendation in country living magazine for affordable modern house numbers at home depot, i took a trip & was taken aback by the price. almost 8 stinkin' dollars for one number. people, that's $32 for my country home address & that price doesn't even include the plaque. i needed to move to house no. 1 or come up with a more affordable solution!

hands to the heavens, thank goodness for the chalkboard trend, cardboard numbers, spray paint & hot glue. seriously, what did us crafters do before the invention of chalkboards, spray paint & hot glue? 

while on a trip to the big box store (walmart - don't judge me!), i perused (& judged) their new craft section. i then found (shown above) that cute little chalkboard (around $3) with the twine & those sturdy cardboard numbers (around $2 each). i put two & two together & an idea was born!

natalie, make your own house address sign! for less than $15!

for this tutorial, you can use any plaque that has a way to be hung. drill holes & add twine if your plaque doesn't have pre-made holes. 

once you've located your plaque & numbers, spray paint those numbers! yes, we celebrate halloween year 'round because i chose the orange & black combination (really, i just wanted to match our door/porch light & i was too lazy to paint the chalkboard sign. give a sista a break!).

once your letters are completely dry, hot glue them to your sign. you may also use wood glue or super glue, but hot glue will do the trick. 

once you've glued your numbers to your plaque, hang your cheap & easy home address sign. admire your hard work & creativity & save that extra cash you would have spent toward creating another fun home project!

let me know if you plan to make this fun project! i'd love to see photos!


Kristin Eldridge said...


Lauren Hooker said...

I love this, Natalie! What a fun weekend project.

Kellie said...

Oh funny I see this as I just thought the other day, I really need to add a little something to our front door, why not our number on a sign and BAM this pops up in my blog lovin this morning all the way over in Australia, a sign [no pun intended, lol]. Love it!

Heather said...

Super cute and I love the price!

Jody R said...

You should look into a reflective number sign from your local fire department. I think most departments, at least around here, sell them. It helps the fd find your place in the dark. You can hang on mailboxes or fence posts. We live in the city so ours is on our front porch. They are usually between $5-10 and last forever.

natalie said...

Jody, we have one on our fence along our property. They're great!

Annie Merlin said...

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