vanessa's summer ice cream baby shower!

over cups of coffee & pastries, vanessa shared that she was pregnant. we all sat there in shock for just a moment & then squealed in absolute delight at her wonderful surprise! we always knew there was a little one missing from their bunch. our tribe is just so excited to welcome in vanessa & robb's little girl. 

so, we all planned the best shower we could come up with to love on this momma-to-be. vanessa's not your traditional mama. she's an incredible artist with an affinity for vintage & bold colors. in every detail, we wanted to reflect her unique & quirky tastes. so for the decor, i paired vintage & delicate pieces with bright colors!

& one of the best parts? in the midst of planning & brainstorming the little details, tiny prints contacted me about a collaboration. they invited me to have a bit of fun with their product & supply vanessa's shower with their adorable goodies. what a gift! i've always admired tiny prints' fun & colorful aesthetic. 

i don't want to completely spoil the details of the shower so hop on over to tiny print's blog & share in the fun of vanessa's party with me! you can see the shower here. 

thanks, tiny prints, for all of the love. it was a blast to work with you! you guys are great!

3 comments: said...

This combination of colors are so great and these pics are soo good!

Vanessa said...

I love you so much, Girl.

Brittany said...

I love this shower! It is full of creativity and love.


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