being a life-long learner // podcast with ELISE GETS CRAFTY

our story is one that surprises even me when i share it out loud. 

this past year & some odd months of owning our farm has been nothing short of absolutely beautiful & exhaustingly hard. 

i think that's probably how all things feel that are worth our time, worth investing in, worth fighting for, worth living within. 

so when elise asked if i would like to come share our story of what it looks like to be a life-long learner & farmer, i 1. squealed & nearly fainted 2. said yes. 

because that's what the farm is for us. it's a classroom for making messy mistakes & if we're lucky enough, sharing a plate of food we've grown with loved ones.  

so, my people, grab a cup of coffee & click right here (i'm episode #24!). share the next thirty minutes with elise & me as we chat about what it looks like to learn on the farm. 

& yes, i've got a southern drawl.


Camilla KapteinMoe said...

Yay! Two of my favorite bloggers in my favorite podcast :D Pressing play like right now ;)


Kaytie said...

Natalie, I LOVED hearing your story today on Elise's podcast. I always feel inspired when hearing about another person's journey through life but I found myself so in awe of your generous and kind spirit, I didn't want the podcast to end. Thanks so much for sharing, happy gardening! :)

Sugar Plum Eats said...

Just listened to your story. You can hear the joy and excitement in your voice which in turn makes me happy to follow my little dreams. Oh and your pictures are gorgeous.

Courtney Meyer said...

I was so happy to see you on there! I listened to it last night while I did the's my guilty pleasure. Loved it!

Andrea said...

Enjoyed the podcast Natalie! I'd love to hear more about how you are raising your chickens for eggs. We too have a small 4 acre farm-- so I just love following ya'll! And we too just bought our farm in the last year (since June 2013). We of course planted a million fruit trees right away-- we were so excited. My husband also studied agriculture, and so it really is fulfilling his lifelong passion, and in more recent years its kind of become mine as well. Although I find much less joy in weeding :) In any case, we are interested in exploring the idea of having our own eggs. But, so many folks I know have had to rely really heavily on feeds (bad ones). Others I know do a lot of work sprouting their own sunflower seeds etc. Just curious what you all are using-- and how much you typically get out of your flock of 40. I'm a follower on IG too.. (andreasitsinbooths)

Anonymous said...

I loved hearing you on Elise's podcast! You voice was just to cute! It's so fun, my name is also Natalie!

Elise said...

You have the cutest voice! I'm from the South and have a southern drawl, but not quite as cute as yours. Ha! It's fun to put a voice with a face. :)

Her said...

Love hearing your voice and you tell your story! You are adorable!!!

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