right now... i am.

right now, i am...

- brainstorming & dreaming up big plans for our future.

- harvesting (still) baskets full of goodies from our garden. this will never grow old.

- cutting, sewing & packaging happy flags. this is what my hands were made to do.

- drinking iced maple toddy in mason jars. a shot of toddy, a splash of raw milk & a teaspoon of maple syrup, please.

- savoring summer & celebrating hints of autumn.

- listening to npr every morning with a cup of coffee in hand.

- enjoying having a little nook at 410 for selling my vintage finds. 

- canning tomato sauce, salsa & tomato jam into the wee hours of morning.

- not buying groceries for two weeks. on purpose!

- focusing on gratitude & contentment instead of wants & jealousy.

- baking cinnamon butternut squash. recipe coming soon...

- excited for three days of folk music at roots festival.

- giddy about working with marisa of food in jars this weekend.

- wearing big necklaces & big glasses because #yolo.

- finally (!!!) eating corn from our garden


what are you doing right now?


Dawn Cosgrove said...

I am soo glad I found you on IG, I think you are just the sweetest and truly a wonderful person (hard to find these days!) I think your life and your determination are so inspiring to me! I made note of your point to focus on gratitude & contentment instead of old friends & jealousy and I am currently struggling with that. I don't want this struggle any longer..I just want contentment for my beautiful life today. Would love your thoughts in a post about how you overcome your struggles..I'm sure we could all learn from each other and build each other up rather than tearing each other down (seems so common to be cruel these days, breaks my heart)

Skapt said...

Inspired by your little list! Especially the #yolo tag :D Thank you for being you, always so inspiring and fresh! <3

Marisa said...

Natalie! It was SUCH a pleasure to hang out with you this weekend. I can't wait until we get to do it again!

Janis Scobee said...

Love this post! What are your favorite programs on npr? And where did you find those amazing glasses?!!

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