five years.

seven years ago today, i convinced you to like me.

five years ago today, i became your bride.

every day we say yes to a life of messy mistakes & beautiful moments.

we've grown up together. 

we have studied together & we have graduated with degrees in hand together. we've bought a farm together & grown food together. we've celebrated our tiny successes together & we've held on amidst the disappointments together. 

thank you for saying yes to the good & the bad. thank you for loving me.

i'm looking forward to hundreds of more years with you.


Erin Smith said...

Aw you two are so cute. How did you "convince him" hehe? Happy anniversary!

Skapt said...

This is so beautiful. And to think it's only the beginning! Wishing you all the best :) :)

Becky McFarland said...

so sweet! happy anniversary! we just celebrated ours too :) and I love your hair short!

Nic Nicki Nicolette Nico said...

We feel so lucky to know y'all and to witness your blooming into your life together. So much love, always. And many more 5 years's together!!!


Jen said...

Natalie, you both have become more beautiful with time. There's something to be said about the way we age together as couples that are fully committed to the joys and challenges that life brings. Happy 5th anniversary!

Amanda said...

Gorgeous post! happy anniversary.

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