date night idea: drive-in movie for under $15

friends, dating is fun.

why do we not put more time & energy into this? 
why do date nights go forgotten & time together unintentional?
i'm preaching to myself here, y'all.

friends, dating is fun.

& dating is necessary.

luke & i try to date regularly. sometimes i get stuck in the thick of workaholism or busy seasons happen, but we set aside budgeted money every single month ($50) to date each other.

go ahead & fit "date night" into your budget. it's worth it, friends. even if it's $10 a month for a red box movie & a bag of snickers, set aside money to date your partner. 

i use the word "date" intentionally here. i think we too often forget to really date our partners.

do you remember your first date with him or her? how did you feel? what did you do?

my people, let's recreate these events, feelings, butterflies, conversations, kisses & cuddles.

again, i'm preachin' to myself, too.

i truly believe our relationships are investments & what we put into it is returned to us. too often luke & i get stuck into the boring routine of dinner out. don't get me wrong, going out to eat is fun, but i get absolutely giddy when we plan creative dates. it brings about those first date butterflies. 

when luke suggested we pack up the farm truck & go to the drive-in movie, i'm not quite sure i could have loved him more. it was so much fun!

it cost less than $15, too. we packed up the back of our truck with sleeping bags, quilts & pillows. we brought our own snacks, popped our own popcorn & paid $14 to get in. we watched the film in the back of the truck & held hands while munching on our little treats & drinking coca cola from mason jars (his idea! he's the cutest!)!

essentials for a drive-in movie date night:

- radio: allows you to tune into the radio station to hear your movie
- snacks: we brought popcorn with nutritional yeast & salted butter, peanut m&ms, tortilla chips, salsa, & candy corn.
- drinks: we brought coca cola  & sprite with a cooler of ice.
- blankets, pillows, sleeping bags: provides a comfy space & keeps you warm

what are some of your favorite date night ideas? how do you plan intentional time with your partner?


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Dakota Hurley said...

How cute! I wish we had a drive-in around where we live!

Elle said...

I think it is so important to continue to date your spouse! J and I just celebrated our 8-year dating anniversary even though we've actually been married for three years now hehe.

...and I have a lot of high school memories at that same drive-in theater :)

Leah said...

What a wonderful idea. Truth be told, this would be impractical for my husband and myself as we have 3 kids, so add $30 to that total for babysitting costs.

I must add, everytime I read your blog, I say to myself "I SO want to meet this woman!" You seem to have such a zest for life and homemaking.

natalie said...

leah, lots of my gal pals with kiddos trade off babysitting nights! i don't personally have experience doing this as we are kidless, but i plan to file that away for the future :)

Leah said...

I am working on that very scenario! :) "Trading is better than buying" as I always say.
You had mentioned on an earlier post about your tips for thrifting and yard sales. Do you have any recommendations for specific thrift shops or communities with great yard sales? I heard that Prairie Grove is a great place to go for vintage.

Kim said...

Oh, if only we marrieds would date and smooch and flirt like we did before we tied the knot.............marriages would be stronger, don't you think?

natalie said...

leah, praire grove is fantastic. the goodwills here are also super great!

Leah said...

Yesterday I found a thrift store in Springdale called Compassion Center. It had some nice clothes. Also, the thrift store for the ACB in Springdale was promising.

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