housewarming gift basket idea for under $10

there's nothing quite like getting a little housewarming basket full of homemade goodness from your neighbors.

that is, unless your neighbors happen to be a bit on the crunchy side. bless 'em.

you see, i've been craving banana bread lately. actually, i've been craving all of the bread things lately.

so in an effort to justify my baking cravings & stick to my paleo eating plan, i made two loaves of refined sugar-free, grain-free bread. 

yes, we gave our new neighbors hippie bread. 
(i used this recipe from against all grain if you're into that sort of thing)

just in case the hippie bread wasn't their thing, i made it better with a cute basket. i pulled out some of my favorite recipe cards by lesley of recipe for crazy & jotted down the recipe for them, too. 

i wrapped the bread in parchment paper & tied it with string. i even got out my little stamps & made them a sweet welcome tag with washi tape & fabric details.

i snatched up these little word cards at the antique mall recently. this "home" card is just perfect for a housewarming gift. you could even make your own with plain card stock & letter stamps.

i also added a card with our contact information. i always include our phone numbers so neighbors can easily get in touch.

paired with a candle & a fresh bouquet of flowers from the garden, this basket came together for less than $10!  

how do you love on your new neighbors? i'd love to read your ideas!


Open Roads Mama said...

What an absolutely lovely gift! You are a gooooood neighbour! :)

Alison said...

Thank you for encouraging us to cultivate the almost lost art of hospitality. I love your sweet and personal ideas :).

Elise said...

We've actually just gotten new neighbors and I was going to take them a loaf of pumpkin bread. I may embellish an inexpensive, but CUTE towel from Dollar General to wrap around it. I may have to add some flowers{from the grocery store, but still pretty} in a jar, too. I love all of your sweet ideas and décor!

Leah said...

We are technically the new neighbors, but we try to keep an eye on our elderly neighbor. We bring her roses cut off our bushes and she gives us tomatoes, since our garden this year was such a colossal flop that I only had 3 edible tomatoes. :(

For the fist time since we moved here, I also plan on making holiday baskets for the folks on our street. I am really, really hoping that you post some great ideas since I can use inspiration!

Robyn B said...

this is such a sweet idea! love it :)

plus, the two cards together read "welcome home" perfect!!

Kaylin Lydia said...

I looooove this! I recently moved to a new neighborhood and it was a bit strange because only one neighbor came by to say hi - I have several neighbors and I live in the country so I thought someone would at least come by and say welcome. I guess some people are more private than others. I love this idea and would be using a variation to welcome any future new neighbors!

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