just simply be.

right now we are dancing between seasons, both later summer & early fall. the leaves are turning the brightest colors we've seen in years & falling to the ground while the first of our hydrangeas bloom. 

last week, in the midst of to-do lists & deadlines, i stole a few moments in the day to just be

we need more moments to just simply be.

to notice the spider's web.

take in the foggy morning beauty...

as we begin our week, i thought i'd share this bit of quiet with you.  

i plan to curl up this morning on the couch with a cup of tea & my thoughts.

may you carve out time today, too, for just simply being.

how do you plan to just simply be?


Anonymous said...

I love the person you are :)

Natalie said...

I wrote a post about this recently as well. One thing I do is to feel the soap bubbling up and smoothing over my hands as I wash them. I take that little moment to relax during my day.

lisa valinsky said...

I am really bad at this, but try to take a least a few moments each day to soak everything in. I find it easiest to do this when walking our dog, since she truly know what it means to live in the moment.

erin said...

i'm going to carve out time for myself to read a good book this week.
that's my "just be-ing" for right now :)

Jenny said...

I walk through our woods every morning to the lake. Some days I take my camera. I spend a lot of time just puttering around home, cleaning, reading, sitting on the back porch....it's a different season of my life & I think even the busier ones I still cherished the craziness of it. Now I cherish the slow days. There are wondrous great things about each season - feeling strong as you work, feeling tired with full days, those are blessings just as great as sitting quietly & feeling the sunshine.

Holly said...

I spent time at lake Fayetteville. I so needed that.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful images alongside a lovely sentiment. We - we being me and my son - take daily walks and the area we go to is perfect for seclusion. It's important to take time for yourself like that.
Bits & Bobs

Sian said...

Oh I love this post!

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