the natalie creates shop is open!

the natalie creates shop is now open & i am absolutely smitten with this collection of handmade home&beauty accessories.

there are a variety of reversible headbands. when picking out fabrics, i imagined all of my gal pals sitting around a big farm table with coffee in hand. i chose fabrics based on all of their unique styles, quirks & personalities. i hope you find one that suits your unique self. 

last shop opening, these headbands sold out in less than ten minutes! my people, you amaze me. 

there are also two new designs for fabric happy flags. these are both crazy cute & perfect for your home or gifting to those special people in your life.

i am also thrilled to offer up these fun elastic, on-the-go headbands that are adjustable, too. 

to adjust the headband, you simply re-knot the bottom. it can fit any size you'd prefer!

& they come in four fabulous designs.

the icing on the cake? they're only $3 each! perfect for stocking stuffers.

thanks for loving my shop so well, friends. i'm thrilled to hear what you think!

p.s. i'm offering FREE SHIPPING on domestic orders all day long. no code necessary! xo.


NataOlso said...

Fun stuff!

Melissa said...

My son woke up with a fever today. I'm a kindergarten teacher and I made my sub plans, crawled back into bed, and soon after, he asked if he could watch cartoons. I chose to look at Instagram as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles really aren't my thing. I saw tweetpotatopie's feed, instantly left Instagram, and got to visit and purchase from your shop! It was like a comforting present on a rainy, feverish day. Thank you!

Katie @ Stress and Stars said...

Ugh, I just KNOW you'll sell out before our Christmas money is available to spend... will you do another shop update before then? I'd love to buy my sister-in-law one of your headbands (and, um, myself too... is it really a present if you buy it for yourself, though?;)) and even my husband's cousin... hopefully I'll have a chance in November!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to get my headband. Hopefully I will be able to wait to give it to my daughter at Christmas. I know she's going to love it.

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