gift wrapping ideas: vintage tins & more

in the true spirit of contentment & thanksgiving during this holiday season, i thought i would share with you a gift wrapping idea i pulled together from things i already had on hand. 

i love vintage tins. i believe they tell a story a paper bag or wrapping paper never could. when i am at the thrift shop, i always scan the gift box & tin aisle closely, searching for a tin to bring home. 

thrift shop tins are always under a buck & serve so many purposes. 

especially during this season of gifting, vintage tins are perfect for baked goods to neighbors & they're much more charming than the over-priced tins at the big box stores. 

this past weekend i attended a baby shower for a dear friend & her little girl on the way. i shopped my thrift store a few weeks ahead of time, searching for gently-worn or new clothing to gift her. 

...all for under $10!

i realize that perhaps our thrift shops have different price points, but the point remains the same: attempt to purchase secondhand this holiday season for your little's (& grown-ups!) clothing & toys. you might just be surprised at what you'll find!

... i can't wait to share what i'll be gifting from the thrift shop this holiday season! 

instead of packing her clothes in a wrapped box, i folded each piece & wrapped it with pink twine. i filled up two tins with adorable clothing purchased for pennies. 

i then searched my fabric stash for fun fabric to make into ribbon. during the holiday season, i love to purchase 1/2 yard of holiday fabric simply for making ribbon. it's unique & much cheaper than store-bought, pre-made ribbon! 

i crafted up a fun tag with a little bird sticker from my stash. i added some crepe paper, a gold clip & gifted it to the mama-to-be!

i hope you'll search your thrift shop next time for vintage tins!

other ideas for re-usable gift wrapping options you can find at the thrift shop:
- beautiful woven baskets
- vintage lunch trays (add a fun little gift to each section of the tray!)
- vintage plates & saucers
- terra cotta pots (think outside the box! pots serve more purposes than just holding plants!)
- wooden crates & metal bins
- vintage jars in all shapes & sizes



lisa valinsky said...

I'm all about reusing. Great tips and your packages are adorable.

A couple of years ago I worked at a childcare center in Vermont, and lots of the kiddos wore gorgeous outdoor gear, like Patagonia and such. I'd ask the parents about their clothes (cause we were in an area where people didn't have disposable income for fancy kid clothes), and they a said they shopped at consignment shops! That is SO the way to go with kids (and grownups!) :)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Luke!

Elise said...

I LOVE this, Natalie!!!! I bought that very needlepoint tin at my Value Village because it was so pretty! I never would have thought to put clothing in it.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Patti said...

Very creative! and simple!! I can do this - thanks for the inspiration!!

Jenny said...

I love to see you shopping thrift stores for gifts - can't wait to hear what you found.

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