my farm girl dress.

you know that feeling. the feeling of stepping foot back on your place, in your home after a long weekend of traveling.

it feels so good. 

i left a hot mess & a tense ball of stress before thanksgiving. i came back ghandi (kidding) better - a little more relaxed & energized to check off that to do list.

y'all, let's stop the small talk.

i hired a housekeeper because i haven't really dusted in a year & i can't do all the things.

my people, she comes today. 

i feel like christmas is coming 24 days early. bless.

in other news, my gertrude made dress came in the mail! (!!!)

when i put on this dress, i feel like i could totally hang with the little house on the prairie gang.

"oh hey, i'm natalie. a real farm girl."

cathi, the maker behind gertrude made, & i became dear friends through the process of making my dress. i picked out my fabric & told her all of my insecurities. example: can i please have bigger arm holes because my arms are huge?! (from lifting heavy weights, of course.)

she was there for it all. she's my dress making fairy god friend.

& she just brought #dressinhappinessdaily to a whole new level.

sidenote: if you have a bigger chest & feel self-conscious/can't find a dress that fits, cathi is your girl. y'all, i feel completely comfortable & covered in this dress. it's a christmas miracle!

she is opening up her shop this thursday at 2pm (western australia time) with a ton of beautifully handmade dresses. check them out & ask santa for one of these beauties. add a bit of handmade happy to your wardrobe!

wishing you all the happiest monday, my dear friends. 

may you drink copious amounts of coffee, snack on leftover thanksgiving goodies & celebrate the first day of december with a full heart!


p.s. high five to my hubby for the farm girl model pictures!


Kim said...

Give us an update on the housekeeper. What did you like? Did you feel weird? Did you stay there during? Will this be a regular thing? Been thinking about this myself...........

Your dress is cute as punkin pie!!!!!

Roller Mill Farms said...

Yes, give us the details! How much tidying up did you do before she came? =)) I laughed out loud at Kims comments because I just hired a niece to help me with my B&B but I'm I need help in my living space as well.
I love this post, farm animals and beautiful dresses are some of my favorite things! I've been tempted to get a Gertrude made dress, you might just push me over the edge.

Anonymous said...

I never leave you comments, Natalie, but yours is my favorite blog to read! Thank you for your wonderful thoughts. When I click on your blog, I feel my pulse relax, as if I'm sipping tea with a good friend. Thank you!

Emily Hackethorn said...

Natalie, I just wanted to say that I love following you on IG because you are so real. Your projects have inspired me to put the wheels in motion on some of my ideas, too! Your new dress is as sunshiney as you, and that's a good thing. xoxo

Emily said...

Random comment: Thanks for the goat and cat pictures today. Not-so-baby-Micah and I loved them and made lots of farmyard noises. I should make a field trip to your farm someday. It's only a few states away. ;) Love you, sweetie!

Madelyn said...

I love wearing yellow and blue because I was told it made my red hair look awesome. I totally see it in these pictures- Natalie you look great! :)

Becky said...

Natalie, everything you share on your blog is SO cute and inspiring!! Reading your posts is kinda like stepping into my dream world! Adorable home decor, vintage goodies, farm life, gardening, handmade awesomeness... It's all so great. Thank you for sharing!

Erin said...

That dress is the cutest! I wish I could feel comfortable in dresses,there are so many cute ones.


Modern Cottage Living said...

Adorable Natalie!

erin said...

all the farm pics...i'm in LOVE!!!
you're the bestest!

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