family movie night gift basket idea

i am so excited to share with you a fun gift idea i put together for our dear friends with a little family of three! 

we wanted to surprise our friends with a fun basket including ingredients for a meaningful evening together as a family during the holidays. i quickly thought of a holiday movie night basket! 

here's how i created this fun holiday movie night basket for just under $15!

to make your holiday movie basket, gather the following:

- popping corn (we buy ours in bulk so i just grabbed some from our pantry)
- special popcorn toppings
- fun bowls for popcorn
- cash ($3) for a redbox holiday movie

i wanted to personalize the cash instead of just randomly placing it in the basket so i printed off this fun redbox graphic. here's the graphic you can easily print off for your basket. i wrapped the cash in festive paper & glued the redbox graphic to the front. 

the cash is a fun way for the family to pick out a new holiday movie or a favorite that's watched year after year!

i found the fun bowls at big lots for $6 & tied the stack with candy cane ribbon. 

the kernel season's toppings are from walmart for just under $3 each. there are a ton of toppings to choose from, but i went with the kettle corn flavor - my favorite!

optional: you could even include m&m's or another chocolate treat in your basket for all of those chocolate lovers.

for the popcorn, i filled a clear bag with popcorn kernels & tied it with twine. this is the most economical option, but you could include microwaveable bags if you think it would be easier for the family. 

i placed all of the goodies in a basket i already had on hand with happy polka dot tissue paper. 

a tag & baker twine tassel made this little basket happy & festive just in time to surprise our dear friends for the holidays!

total cost:
$0 popcorn already from our pantry
$3 redbox movie
$6 toppings
$6 bowls

total: $15

i'd love to read your ideas for gifts for families! what gifts do you put together for the entire family to enjoy?


p.s. last year i made a fun basket for a family with ingredients for making these clay ornaments! this is such a fun activity to do with the entire family! 


Kimberlee Powell said...

Super cute idea! Have you done the drawing from blossoms and billows? Her stuff is so adorable - hoping I win!!

Anonymous said...

This is so great! I love getting ideas from your posts.

Jen said...

Love this gift basket! I really wish we had Big Lots nearby because those bowls are adorable!! Thanks for sharing this idea!

Casa Colibri said...

Love this idea! Last year my sister commented that she thought her kids were old enough to enjoy hiking. We got them a local hiking with kids guide book, a small star gazing and local bird/animal identifying charts, and backpacking ice cream to eat when they made it to the top. I wish I would have thought to put it in a basket instead of wrapping them individually. You weren't in my life then. :) Now I know better and it's baskets, baskets, baskets. :)

Natalie @ Being. Mrs. Olson said...

This year for Christmas, I sent both of my brothers WhirleyPop popcorn makers with popping corn. It's such a fun treat on weeknights for a snack or for a movie night on the weekends. Love this idea!

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

love this idea!!

Heather said...

So cute! I love your posts about decorating gifts. :)

tess said...

I put together a "garage sale" kit for a single lady.I know she enjoys thrifting. I purchased a wire basket from Dollar Tree and filled it with hand sanitizer, tissues, re-usable snack bags (purchased earlier this year on clearance), and a water bottle mug.. You could also include a roll of quarters and a re-usable grocery bag, but I had a $10 limit. I added some homemade cookies and a sign saying, "Happy Thrifting". Perhaps more than anything, people want to know that they are understood.
-Candlewick Mama

Katie said...

Love that idea! That tissue and basket are super sweet, too.

This year, I put together a sundae basket for my brother. In it, I included fun disposable bowls, wooden spoons, paper straws, fancy chocolate and butterscotch sauce, sprinkles, and a small gift certificate for a local grocery store to use to purchase the ice cream. I picked up the bowls, spoons and straws on major clearance after the summer, and I'm hoping to do it again next year!

Aliesha Caldwell said...

What a cute gift! Those bowls were a steal!

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