our festive farmhouse: a little december tour

hi, friends! we've pulled out all the plastic tubs full of festive goodies & thoughtfully arranged our home in a hodge podge of thrifted, yard sale, vintage & new christmas decorations. 

we might not quite win any awards for our holiday home, but oh how it's cozy & warm!

the farmhouse is festive, y'all! 

i thought i'd show you just a little peek into our december home... 

don't mind if we stick all the clutter in a corner & oh! don't trip on the plastic tubs still by the door. 

we're still growing rows of salad greens, lettuces & chinese cabbage in the garden, which means large dinner plate salads for lunch & dinner. my favorite meal in the wintertime. & oh! the homemade year by jerusalem greer is soo good. i can't put it down.

she's also an arkansas gal!

pssst! that mason jar tumbler by my dear friend erin of tweetpotatopie is amazing! i use it daily. enter "natalielove15" at checkout in her shop & receive 15% off your purchase of $10 or more!

i have been spending quite some time wrapping gifts to put under the christmas tree. i enjoy wrapping our gifts early so that it doesn't seem so much like a chore. it also creates a season of anticipation that i just love. 

my sweet nephew gets his own special wrapping paper this year! i picked it up at joann's craft store for cheap, cheap, cheap. i purchased a small box of crayons & washi taped it to the wrap. i hope it will keep him busy until it's his turn to unwrap his gifts! 

the theme of this season is indeed hodge podge. there really isn't a rhyme or reason to the way we decorate or approach the spaces within our home. we just decorate with what we love - a mix of handmade, vintage, rusty & thrifted. 

our coffee station is always one of my favorite parts of our home. i always love having guests over who enjoy coffee, tea & hot chocolate just as much as we do. 

i found the little elf at a recent craft fair. he's just perfect & will serve as our elf on the shelf when we have littles. for now he watches & guards the caffeine. 

& of course, our holiday farmhouse wouldn't be quite festive without our thrifted wooden nativity set. one of the wise men flew the coop this year so we've replaced him with the shepard boy. 

baby jesus is only getting two gifts from our house this year, y'all. 


Angela Davis said...

Everything is so lovely! Thank you for sharing, I love seeing bits of your home. You're my decorating hero! Have a wonderful Christmas!

BreAnn said...

What a beautiful and warm looking home! I just camcacross your blog and I'm IN LOVE!! Thanks for sharing:)

stellaonline said...

What a lovely place! I love how there is just the slightest touch of the season in unexpected places. Just a tiny, gentle reminder...well done!

Just makes me want to wander...

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