top ten of 2014

i am so excited for 2015 - a fresh start, new projects, more memory making & all the good stuff that comes with a new year!

but let's just for a moment tip our hat to 2014. 

it was a rad year! 

here's a recap of my top ten moments of 2014 (in no particular order)...

photo by nikki toth photography

1. FIVE YEARS - we rocked five years of marriage & celebrated with a romantic dinner on the beach. married at 19 & 20, we've earned that five years! & we still totally dig each other. he's my very best friend & together, we can't wait to rock 105 more years. 

2. FARM FRESH - we completed our first year of a farm subscription to our small farm. we sold vegetables, herbs, flowers & eggs. we learned a ton, grew a ton & fell even deeper in love with this community we call our own! it was the hardest of work & most days we were completely exhausted, but every moment was absolutely 100% worth it. 

3. KICKBALL - we got together as a church & played the meanest game of kickball this side of the mississippi. it was a gloriously good workout, too. homemade matching game shirts- nailed it. 

4. SAYING YES - in 2014, i said yes to my dreams & began blogging/making full-time. it's been the scariest thing i have ever done, but it's the most fulfilling & life giving work i could ever do. my tank is full, y'all. 

5. PAINTED BRICK - we had no idea what we were doing, but we did it anyway! happy birthday to me! we painted our house! & we love it. more house changes to come in 2015... yay!

6. #FREEMANSINFLORIDA2014 - we flew to bradenton beach, florida & spent an entire week on the beach. we stared at the ocean, collected seashells, stuffed ourselves with good food, napped, read books, did minimal physical activity & experienced the best darn vacation of all time. bless.

7. FARMHOUSE EC WORKSHOPS - i gathered an amazing group of women & opened our farm up for a day of canning. it was the first ever farmhouse economics workshop & definitely not the last. we came together as strangers & left together as sisters. it was one of my favorite & most inspiring days of 2014.

8. BIKES & BREWS - this past summer, we planned & executed the first ever bikes & brews tour! we gathered with friends & road our bikes on various trails to some of our favorite breweries! it was the best of times; i could spend every weekend doing just this. 

9. LADIES WEEKEND - in 2014, we gathered the tribe for the first time ever & headed to branson for a weekend of pooling, shopping, drinking, eating, gaming, laughing & all of the other ladies' weekend appropriate activities. i'm counting down the days until our 2015 weekend (!!!)! these women are my favorite.

10. #NATALIEGETSFIT - I said peace out to gluten, completed my first ever whole30 & dropped 20 pounds in 2014. like any journey, i've gained a few pounds back & learned a whole lot in the process. i am looking forward to continuing this health nut adventure in 2015!

what was your favorite moment of 2014? i would love to read your top ten! please share!


Megan said...

Hi Natalie!
I've been following your blog for a while now, and just wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing your life with us! You are so vibrant and full of joy, it's hard not to smile reading your thoughts and seeing your photos :)
I hope this next year is even better than the last! xo

Anonymous said...

Natalie, you inspired me/us to one of our 2014 highlights. We hired a semi-pro photographer to come to our little cottage to capture our "story" of gardening, canning, front porch rocking, living the simple life. We are empty nester, 50 somethings, madly in love still and hadn't had any photos made in years. We were headed to a studio for plain jane, ordinary, stand beside one-another shots. But, what we ended up with is such a treasure! Thank you for inspiring us in so many ways. Lead on! You are doing a FABULOUS job.

sonrie said...

I've followed you off and on since you were at mizzou - well, I started following for sure again (and subscribed) when you were a guest on Elise's get crafty podcast. I found you to be so genuine and open. best of luck in 2015!

lisa valinsky said...

Love this list, and been loving your blog. I started reading after hearing you on Elise's podcast, and it's one of my favorite blogs.

I'm so excited to see the new projects and adventures you're up to in 2015, and have to go back through more of the archives to read about your farming journey (that's my favorite part!). xo

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