tips on creating a cozy winter home

i love a cozy home during the wintertime. a cozy home has us settling in just a bit more when we're spending more time in than out. 

today i want to share with you ways to create a cozy, inspiring winter home!

during the wintertime, you will find blankets & pillows in woven baskets & wooden crates throughout our home. i always purchase our wooden crates & baskets secondhand at thrift stores, estate sales & flea markets. you can usually find more interesting pieces secondhand than those found at the store. 

pull those blankets you already have out of the linen closet & throw them in a basket or crate for added texture & a pop of color in your home!

i love this diy project from erin on making cozy pillows from upcycled sweaters!

i am a big texture & fibers person. when we're laying in the "sleeping room,"  near the wood burning stove, we love cozying up with a good book & relaxing. it's so important to have blankets & pillows that are soft to the touch. 

even in the wintertime, we use summer quilts because they're easy to clean & so comfortable. the quilts we own are family heirlooms, made by me or if i am lucky, purchased secondhand at a thrift shop. 

i absolutely love our sheepskin we drape over our couch for added coziness. i was fortunate to find that piece at a flea market years ago when we first married, but you can purchase them online (i would recommend a real sheepskin versus the synthetic versions)

also, if you're wondering, you can find the happy home pillow at tiny prints right here

you will always find us, late in the evening, right here cozied up with our favorite books & a cup of tea. 

how do you add coziness to your home during the wintertime? please share!


Jenny said...

I love this! We do the same thing except we're laying in front of our wood pellet stove. The only thing I would add is my little lap dog & my husband's favorite shortbread cookies. :)

Elizabeth Haddox said...

Putting blankets in crates sounds perfect! How do you clean your crates that you find so you do not damage them?

Lisa Valinsky said...

Lots of hot tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. Candles. Soft lighting or Christmas lights. Cozy blankets and pillows. :)

Danielle Wagasky said...

I love your fantastic ideas!! Thanks for always sharing!!

ali grace | cookies and grace said...

Cozy is my love language. Looks like I need to do some thrifting for cute quilts!

Skapt said...

Wool blankets = essential! Also: scented candles, lots and lots and lots of tea, thick books, slippers, soft music and most importantly: daily walks in any weather so you can really FEEL the comfort of home as you walk through the door upon return :)

Katie said...

My favourite winter evening curled up with my hubby includes cozy blankets, candles, herbal tea or hot chocolate, and Netflix :)

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